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We had a great time today working on a Dog Shaming campaign for our client Canine Valley Re-Education and Adventure Centre.  They have invested in retargeted advertising and after 3 months their ads have had 16,207 impressions.  Impressions being the number of times that internet viewers (that have already been looking at your website) have now seen your ads all over the internet as they were surfing, reminding them of Canine Valley's services.  Read more about retargeted advertising.

Check out this gallery of Canine Valley's ads as seen online.

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Lastest Brands

At ROAR we experienced one of their busiest summers yet as a result of our strategic  online advertising campaign in the spring. We attracted a mix of clients ranging from health practitioners and consultants to craft beer importers and juice companies. Here are a few of the latest brands we are really proud of designing. Looking forward to launching their websites and online advertising in the near future.  

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ROAR Videos and Using YouTube to grow your business

Online video marketing can no longer be ignored as YouTube Mobile receives 400 million views a day. YouTube is now the second largest search engine after Google. Videos give businesses an opportunity to advertise creatively through story telling, education, humor, and Youtube is the portal to reaching their markets.  With the right messaging and engagement, video advertising can set you miles apart from your competitors and drive brand exposure and sales.  Posting videos on Youtube also increasing your search engine optimization in Google.

ROAR was hired to help Scully Insurance tell their story through an informational video for their website, and to promote their services using a few comical ads.  

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How Great Companies Inspire Action

This TedTalk not only illustrates How Great Leaders Inspire Action, but How Great Companies Inspire Action. In the world of traditional marketing most companies are trying to communicate WHAT they do, and HOW their services are going to help the customer. Simon Sinek presents a proven model of how inspiration to act and customer loyalty is achieved from communicating WHY a company exists. 

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Be seen everywhere online! Retargeted Advertising

Are those shoes you've been longing for, or the mountain bike you've been reading about, following you all over the internet? They're not haunting you, they are out smarting you with RETARGETED ADVERTISING!


Here is a ROARing example of ROAR advertising and appearing on sites like Mashable. 

There’s no denying the effectiveness of retargeting. The potential for conversions and sales are heightened when the consumer has already shown interest in a specific product or service. In fact, eMarketer reports that nearly 3/5 of online buyers notice these targeted ads, and the overall reaction is more positive than not.

“With retargeting, digital media is finally delivering on its promise to change the rules of the advertising game.” – Search Engine Journal

Retargeting is advertising in real-time, based on intent. Staying in front of the consumer is vital. Retargeting is a valuable addition within the purchase path, nudging potential conversions along. This type of advertising is relevant both on websites and social networks – reaching consumers where they’re browsing and making a lasting impact.

As shown above, the top retargeting goal reported by media buyers (unsurprisingly) is to increase revenue. Increasing site engagement is next – Leading those consumers who have previously taken an action demonstrating interest back to the site. This is related to the third most popular goal: “Conquest customers from competitors.”

Over half of consumers in this eMarketer study said they visited two or more sites when researching their last purchase. Therefore, retargeted ads are necessary not only to stay top-of-mind, but to stand out among the competition. Your ad may be the deciding factor that leads a consumer to choose your site over another.

30% of shoppers start their holiday shopping before Halloween, and almost half of them plan to do part of this shopping online. Retargeting will make an immense impact on the consumer purchase path – putting your products and services ahead of the rest and increasing click-through rates and sales.


Want to be seen in the online jungle, we can help

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What's a good designer worth these days?

If you are unsure about what to pay for great design here is an interesting article written by Shaun Hensher.

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 12.44.33 PM.png

Getting information on graphic design pricing must be a very frustrating experience for potential clients. There seems to be no consistency. One designer will charge $50 for a logo, while another will charge $10,000.  So how is a business owner supposed to know what to do?

Please note: I understand that graphic design pricing is a touchy subject and opinions vary. These are my opinions, based on my own knowledge and experience. Agree or disagree, it matters not to me, but let’s try to remain civil, K?

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Graphic design is not a magical process. It takes time. You want your logo/poster/book cover/web site to be good right? Then you probably don’t want it to be something that someone knocked out in an hour or two, do you?

Read rest of article and more about industry pricing >

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What You Need to Know About Responsive Web Design

Ever wonder what people are actually talking about when they say "Resposive Web Design"??? Well, it's not just a the hottest new trend in wed design – it's the way of the morden web. Trying to learn about it, and why it's important can feel like venturing down the rabbits hole - so here's a great article to help you understand the nuts and bolts of Responsive Web Design. Looking for the technical answers to your Responsive Web Design queries? Here is a technical article on responsive web design from Smashing Magazine.

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Featured Project: Canine Valley Re-Education & Adventure Centre

After 11 years of operating and focusing on perfecting their training services and dog rehabilitation program, Canine Valley realized their website had been neglected and was very outdated. 

Canine Valley came to us with the following wish list for their new website:

  • Highlight their four major services and increase sales
  • Showcase their huge collection of great photos
  • Integrate their active social media sites
  • Provide the ability to manage their content and photos
  • Educate the public about canine behaviour issues
  • Increase donations and adoptions for their rehabilitation program

“Our business increased by 20% as soon as the website went live! We didn’t even get a chance to send out an announcement to our email and social media followers. Just trying to keep up with the business now.” – Valley Calderoni

ROAR Results:

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ROAR Creative Testimonials​

“Our business increased by 20% as soon as the website went live! We didn’t even get a chance to send out an announcement to our email and social media followers. Just trying to keep up with the business now.”

Valley Calderoni ~ Canine Valley Re-Education and Adventure Centre

"ROAR's website creation and design is exactly what we were asking for! We have now had two full websites created by Jaime and Barb: for our company, as well as our largest event! Both websites were done on time and on budget, and they look great. Jaime incorporated the perfect mix of media, including photos, videos, and text to make two websites that are easy to navigate, and fun to view!

We will definitely be using Jaime and Barb for all of our website and design needs from now on!

Many thanks!"

Graham Daw ~ Branch Out Foundation |


“ROAR used their talents to make our family business look more professional and attract higher end clients. We are really proud of our new brand and feel more confident in sales situations and arriving on work sites.”

Norm Stein ~ CWC Electrial

“I’ve been working with ROAR since the conception of my business and their design and marketing work has definitely contributed to the success of my spa in Vancouver. They are by far the best designers I have ever worked with. So creative, innovative and always understand my needs and the direction I want to take my business.”

Julia Linford ~ J spa

 “We have worked with ROAR for over 9 years and they continue to meet our growing needs as well as exceed our expectations. Our last rebrand was a tribute to their understanding of our products and our market. Kids from all over the world love it!”

Geoff Park ~ Camp Summit

"When the task at hand is to create a brand for a business that is built around yourself, as a Massage Therapist, it can be rather challenging to decide how to portray oneself. With ROAR's absolute confidence in their recommended branding approach, the decision became an easy one and the end result is a logo I absolutely love and have received many compliments on. My website is beautifully clean and clear, and current in terms of its layout and functionality. With ROAR's up-to-date knowledge of the print and media design industry, and their direct and professional approach to project management, project implementation was a breeze. I could not have asked for more."

Shannon Berrow ~ Holistic Massage & Bodywork Professional

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